Library History

In 1985 a “dream came true” when the first public library opened in Genesee. First Citizens National Bank donated its old bank building in to the Genesee Township to be use as a public library.

Genesee Township Supervisors appointed Arleta Butler, Dee Smith, Gary King, Myra Crippen, Linda Chamberlain, Nancy Reiman and Teresa Palmatier to serve as members of the library board. With the help of County Librarian Laurie Shear and the Potter-Tioga Library system the library held its first open house on June 29, 1985 as part of Genesee Old Home Day.

In the summer of 2015, we celebrated our 30th anniversary!

Genesee Area Library Statement of Purpose

The members of the Genesee Area Library Board of Trustees see the purpose of this library as that of being of service to the community in response to a variety of needs.

  • First, we are a cultural institution, being a repository of history, art, music and literature.
  • Second, we are most certainly an educational institution, offering research facilities, career centers, computer centers and parenting resources.
  • Third, we provide recreational materials at all levels through books, magazines, CDs and DVDs.
  • Finally we offer these opportunities to young and old, rich and poor – equally and conveniently. We are here to be a clearing house for information in this information-obsessed age, and provide a bridge into the technical challenges of the twenty-first century.

Genesee Area library is a member of the Potter-Tioga Library System.


2 weeks with 2 renewals – for circulating books, magazines and audiobooks
1 week with 2 renewals – for older DVDs
2 days with 1 renewal – for new DVDs


If there is a reserve on something, it may not be renewed.
Materials may be renewed in person or by phone.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are $.10 cents per day with a MAXIMUM of $10.00 per item on all books and magazines.
The overdue fine for DVDs is $1.00 per day, per movie with a MAXIMUM of $10.00 per movie.
Materials must be returned by closing time on the date due.
Patrons must pay replacement costs and processing fees for items that are lost or damaged.

Book Drop

All library materials may be returned through the book drop located outside beside the library ramp. If the weather is not dry, please place items in a bag before returning in the book drop.

Internet Use Policy

(1) No pornographic sites
(2) Computer use is limited to 60 minutes per day
(3) Study projects will take precedence over other uses.
(4) Anyone misusing the computers will have all Library privileges revoked.