Collection Development Policy

Vision Statement:

Genesee Area Library’s mission is to enable, empower, and encourage lifelong learning and discovery.

Community Profile:

The library primarily serves a population of approximately 799 people in 35.74 square miles and serves Genesee Township and the surrounding areas. The population is comprised of mostly white (97%) families (70%) of which 41% are families with children. When compared to the rest of Pennsylvania, Genesee is comprised of mostly blue-collar workers and is considered to be educationally and economically disadvantaged.

Collection Evaluation and Assessment:

The current collection contains materials in a wide variety of formats which include, but is not limited to, print, audio, video, and digital. For the purpose of this document, “collection” refers to items that have been selected by Genesee Area Library staff. The collection is primarily dated. There are several fiction and non-fiction areas that need to be weeded and updated with current content. The collection containers materials in both fiction and non-fiction forms on multiple reading and interest levels. The Genesee Area Library strives to maintain a collection that is considered a representative collection; meaning the collection should be geared towards a general audience with works from major authors as well as selections from secondary authors. Materials would be sought to fill significant historical gaps and should depict many viewpoints at levels from minimal through a sophomore level in college while still taking into consideration the needs and interests of the community.

Selection Responsibility:

  1. All print material is selected by the Library Director.
  2. Online Databases are provided by the POWER library, Pennsylvania’s Electronic Library. A select few are purchased by Genesee directly.
  3. E-materials are selected and purchased by the Potter-Tioga Library System.

Selection Criteria:

The Genesee Area Library Director will develop a collection of materials using their knowledge and expertise along with the following general criteria:

  1. Relevance to interests and needs of the community
  2. Extent of publicity, critical review in mainstream media, review journals, or websites, and current or anticipated demand
  3. Current or historical significance of the author or subject
  4. Local significance of the author or subject
  5. Relevance to the existing collection’s strengths and weaknesses
  6. Reputation and qualifications of the author, publisher, or producer, with preference generally given to titles vetted in the editing and publishing industry
  7. Suitability of format to Library circulation and use
  8. Date of publication
  9. Price, availability, and Library materials budget
  10. Customer recommendations (each one is evaluated for possible purchase)
  11. Standing orders & subscriptions
  12. Adherence to holds ratio guidelines
  13. For donations only, the condition of the material is also considered.


  1. Physical materials are purchased through a variety of libraries and other reputable vendors.
  2. Databases are purchased through reputable vendors.
  3. Self-published materials are evaluated by the same criteria that are used to evaluate all purchased materials.


The Genesee Area Library accepts donations in accordance with our donation policy. The Genesee Area Library retains the authority to accept or reject gifts/donations. Gifts/donations are evaluated by the same criteria that are applied to purchased items. Library staff makes all decisions as to the use, housing, and final disposition of donations. The library does not evaluate or appraise gift/donation materials for tax purposes.


  1. Providing a collection that is up to date and of high quality is the responsibility of the Library Director.
  2. The removal of unused or outdated materials is the responsibility of the Library Director and will adhere to a weeding schedule that ensures every library section is evaluated at least once every two years.
  3. Criteria for weeding and withdrawal:
    1. Damaged or in poor condition
    1. Number of copies in the collection
    1. Relevance to the needs and interests of the community
    1. Current demand and frequency of use
    1. Accuracy and timeliness
    1. Availability elsewhere, including other libraries and online
    1. Deemed to be of an enduring nature
    1. Considered to be part of the core collection
    1. Circulation statistics

Reconsideration of Library Materials

  1. To represent the diversity throughout the community, it is very important that the Genesee Area Library’s collection contains materials that represents differing points of view. The Genesee Area Library does not endorse beliefs or views, nor does the selection of an item express or imply an endorsement of the viewpoint expressed by the author.
  2. Even though specific criteria are considered during the selection process, some content may be found inappropriate or of opposing viewpoints. There may be occasions when a community member objects to a particular item within the collection. If a library user wishes the library to reconsider or remove said material, a Request for Reconsider Form is available. A committee is then convened to review such requests, and a written response is sent to the community member.

Approved: 2/22/2022

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