Unattended Belongings and Packages Policy

To maintain a safe environment at the library, and during library sponsored events, staff will monitor unattended items left on library property and during library sponsored events.

Patrons are advised to not leave belongings unattended.
Unattended belongings are subject to removal at the discretion of library staff.


  1. Staff will approach all unattended items with caution and are not to open anything suspicious or threatening looking.
  2. If unattended belongings appear suspicious or threatening, the library director and board president will be notified and a call to 911 will be placed.
  3. If the library director is reasonably confident the item is safe, the director may examine the item solely to identify and notify its owner.

If the owner cannot be identified, and is not claimed within 2 hours, the items will be placed in the library’s lost and found. If items are perishable, they will be thrown in the trash. Solid food containers may be thrown in the trash at staff discretion.

Approved 2/21/2022