Meeting Room Policy

The Genesee Area Library facilities are open to all, and the meeting room is a community resource to be used in accordance with the library’s mission to enable, empower, and encourage lifelong learning.

The library allows individuals and organizations to use its meeting room without regard to beliefs or affiliations. There are no restrictions regarding religious or political activities other than that they are lawful and do not, in any way, disturb other library functions. The meeting room is not to be used for purely social gatherings such as showers, receptions, etc.

Use of the meeting room by a group or individual is not an endorsement by the library, staff, or board members. The group or individual will issue no advertisements or publicity indicating that it is a library sponsored event and the library reserves the right to post disclaimers in the meeting area. The Library Director has the right to see the handout literature, materials, and press releases.

The Genesee Area Library Director is the final authority for the implementation of this policy and the related administrative procedures. Any questions or requests for exceptions should be brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its next meeting. The Board reserves the right to reject any application for meeting room use if determined said use is not in the best interest of the library.

Approved: 2/21/2022