Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks

Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks

Book two of the Viridian Deep Series


My daughter’s pick for our mother daughter “book club” was the Viridian Deep series by Terry Brooks. This happens to be book two and was just as good as the first.

In this second book of lost memories, adventure, and heartbreak, Auris must once again rescue Harrow. Auris navigates a world full of those who wish to experiment on her, and those who wish to use her unique gifts, but this is nothing new for her. Our old friends are back, along with a few new ones including dragons. Her quest leads her through treacherous landscapes, encounters with lost friends and new enemies, all while struggling to be the person everyone thinks her to be. Auris must confront her fears and keep her wits about her if she wishes to save Harrow and herself.

Beautiful story telling and a great follow up to the first book.

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