Welcome to the 2024 Reading Challenge

This Challenge is geared towards adults and young adults. Our children’s reading challenge will be posted soon.

Our 2024 Reading Challenge is all about getting you excited about reading! It encourages you to read outside your comfort zone and discover something new you might not have read otherwise.

There are three challenges and 52 prompts giving flexibility and encouraging you to become an adventurous reader!

  • One at a Time: Pick 12 prompts and read one book per month.
  • Double Up: Pick 24 prompts and read a book every other week.
  • 52 Pick Up: Pick all 52 prompts and read one book each week of the year!

Join our Reading Challenge Facebook Group where each week will post book ideas that fit the reading prompts and to stay connected with other reading challenge members.

Remember: ALL books count! E-books, audio-books, hardcover, paperback etc.


  1. Title starts with the letter “G”
  2. Title starts with the letter “A”
  3. Title starts with the letter “L”
  4. Romance
  5. Adapted to the screen
  6. Has a dragon in it
  7. Enemies to Lovers
  8. An Award Winner
  9. Has Dual Timelines
  10. Has an Element of time travel
  11. Classic
  12. Published during the last half
    of 2024
  13. Published during the first half
    of 2024
  14. Set in Summer
  15. Historical Fiction
  16. Popular author you’ve never read
  17. Set in winter
  18. Title doesn’t contain “the” or “and”
  19. Female detective lead
  20. Judge a book by its cover
  21. Non-fiction
  22. Biography
  23. Moon or stars on the cover
  24. Domestic thriller
  25. Single word title
  26. Book with “library” in the title

27. Takes place in the future
28. Has “man” or “boy” in the title
29. Has “woman” or “girl” in the title
30. Read three books by the same author (book 1)
31. Read three books by the same author (book 2)
32. Read three books by the same author (book 3)
33. Retelling of a classic
34. Retelling of a fairy-tale
35. On your TBR for more than a year
36. Might make you cry
37. Book you wanted to read in 2023 but didn’t
38. Author’s first name as initials
39. Book everyone talks about
40. Book you know nothing about
41. Book from our main display
42. About marriage or a relationship
43. Spy novel
44. Set on an island
45. Title includes the word “leap” or “year”
46. Final book in a series
47. Has a month in the title
48. Has a person’s name in the title
49. About Friendship
50. Set during a historically significant event
51. Published during 2024
52. Has books on the cover


Our Facebook Group members will be reminded each month to turn in their forms for a chance to win prizes! There will be a small prize drawing at the end of each quarter and a basket drawing at the end of the year. You can find an online submission form below, or you can also send us a photo of your paper form by email, or message us on Facebook.

Return your completed challenge by January 3, 2025!

Download our printable form or stop into the library to pick one up.
Prefer an online form? We’ve got you covered! Use the form below each month and we will keep track of the books for you!