Blind Date with a Book Club

Tired of reading the same author, the same genre, the same books over and over again? Afraid of branching out or trying something new? We’ve got you covered! Sign up for our Blind Date with a Book, a different kind of book club. Fill out our questionnaire below and let us pick your next read. Read it, return it back to the library and then tell us how we did and if you want to sign up again next month. We will adjust our picks based on your feed back.

Books are picked, wrapped, checked out to you, and ready to go during the first week of each month. You can sign up at any time. If you sign up during pick up week, your blind date will be ready during the following pick up window.

All books must be returned by the due date.
Books not picked up by the end of the second week will be returned to the shelf.
If you miss two pickups in a row, you will have to sign up again in order to continue in the book club.